Konkurs fotograficzno-lingwistyczny

Konkurs lingwistyczno-fotograficzny

W drodze głosowania Jury, zarówno I miejsce, jak i wyróżnienie w konkursie przypadło Pani Joasi Jasińskiej, studentce III roku Biotechnologii. Serdecznie gratulujemy! Nagrodzono fotografię zatytułowaną 'Standing Alone', a wyróżniono zdjęcie pt. 'Being beesy at university'. Warto zwrócić uwagę na opisy zdjęć.

Standing alone


This brave mushroom forced his way through the rocks to get to the surface. It proudly stands with its beautiful cap daringly glowing in the sunshine. It was surrounded only by stones and a little grass blade. The time when it appeared was also not conducive- the temperature was high, there was no rain for a while so drought had overrun the whole environment. It's moving how nature can fight with humans interference- this spectacular mushroom, flowers on the roofs, grass tearing through asphalt. It is a good reminder that we can’t win with the power of nature and in the current time we should pay more attention to the damages made by us and pointed at the environment.

Being beesy at University


This picture was taken in the middle of October in our university’s garden.  Bees were very busy collecting pollen because they were preparing for the winter. Bees like many other animals are cumulating supplies for the Winter because they go to sleep when the temperature is low. It is very important to leave this last part of honey in the hive for bees to give them a chance to survive winter. Beekeepers sadly very often leave them only 30% of honey instead of the rest they put white sugar to the hive. This one bee was extraordinary. She was not flying fast from flower to flower, she stayed on the flowers for a while and it seemed like she was contemplating the last Sun rays before going to winter sleep.


Regulamin konkursu.


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